October 28, 2014


Phoenix, AZ Community Managers


Cornerstone’s main objective as a managing agent is to provide your Association with the best possible environment, enhance property values, and apply good business techniques to the daily affairs of the community.

We feel communication is an essential ingredient to accomplish our objective. Along with direct communication with the Board of Directors, we promptly respond to every homeowner’s concerns. We typically respond to written correspondence with a letter and/or email; in turn telephone calls and emails are returned as soon as possible, but never more than 24-hours after the initial contact. Cornerstone maintains a 24-hour answering service and maintenance companies are on stand-by for immediate dispatch to urgent situations.

Our highly educated, well-experienced community managers are problem solvers and pro-active in the management of each property. They have gained their experience from the management of large and small associations, as well as continuing education in the property management field. Most associations share some very common interests, but each has its own priorities and concerns. Recognizing this, CPI’s managers provide the best possible services within the association’s budgetary limitations.

We offer our associations an interactive website with an available domain name of your choosing and a management system that allows your community and the manager to be in touch via the web at all times. Email blasts are available for quick delivery of information and a “Go Green” cost saving measure for communication to your members. Our managers have access to office data at all times remotely and at home. All managers have smart phones and iPads that they use in the field and at Board meetings so that they have access to all data at all times and can work in the field as if they were in the office. Office voice mails and emails are forwarded directly to them immediately upon receipt. Violations and ARC issues can also be entered and downloaded while in the field at the exact time they are discovered.


Cornerstone maintains a computerized, completely flexible reporting package. We can utilize any chart of accounts or financial statement format that you may prefer. Our system includes a complete audit trail and filing system for ease of verification by outside auditors. We are very proactive in assessment collection and very prudent in expending association funds. We maintain the ability to handle all areas of delinquency collection.

Many associations only require accounting services. We offer accounting services that match the accounting provided to associations that use full management. As part of the service, we can deposit and account for all assessments, pay all properly approved and budgeted expenses, and handle delinquent accounts promptly. Our system will allow us to provide monthly financial reports using our standard chart of accounts or we can adapt our system to use your chart of accounts if you would prefer. We will work with you to determine what you need and then adapt our system to provide those reports.